Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars App Reviews

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Good race game

Needs figure 8 race course and longer straight away track courses.Great game improvements have really helped with tilt steering.


I tried the original and it was fun. And then there's this game, it's amazing! Better graphics, better physics, and the screen fits the iPhone X. I would definitely recommend trying this game! All I hope for is more tracks.


The cars a still hard to drive. Or if understeer out of conners and in straight always. You barely turn to the left in a corner and pulling a 180. They need to make it like dirt trackin. The controls are simple and the cars are easy to drive.

Updated version

The old version I’ll agree was snappy off the turn and tight going in. This new update is 10X better! It’s a more realistic feel of the cars. You go in to the turn, burp the throttle, set up the car, and let the right rear eat! I would not have recommended this game before this new update but now we have series races on multiplayer! Look at the review dates, anything before September 2018 is not accurate anymore.


My favorite game on the App Store by far! Not to mention the developer is always working to make it even better.

Cars are impossible to drive

Awful, can’t control the car at all no matter how much I try to adjust the settings. They missed something here big time from the first game.

More Tracks!!

I love the game! This is a major update from the first game I wish you would combine both games and add tracks like Eldora, Knoxville, Cedar Lake, River Cities, Texas, I know it’s gonna take time but I wish more tracks and real life drivers would be cool too!

C’mon guys.

Awesome graphics but you guys totally missed it on the steering. I don’t see how the steering is perfect in the original app. and is horrible on this one. Hope you guys fix it soon, kinda feel robbed out of $3.99


Almost impossible to make laps around the track cars don’t handle and are very unpredictable.

Thought the game would be 10x better

Car either won’t turn or will turn way too much and really tight off exit no matter the track thought this would be fixed by now.

This Game needs help

The graphics are nice. The physics of the cars are completely unrealistic. I read a review where the reviewer states he has driven a sprint car. He states that if you slow down going into the corners and let the car slide around like a real Sprint Car the game works well. I’ve never raced a real sprint car but I know several guys who do. I can’t speak for every guy that races but the good ones that I know don't back off the power when going thru corners. They hook the car into a slide and stand on the throttle using the ridiculous amount of horse power that Sprint Cars have to push them thru the corners. They don’t refer to Sprint Cars as “Fire Breathing Dragons” because they slow down much. I’m also not a expert on video game development but it’s my opinion the game needs a more customizable steering options. In the game when the car goes into a power slide their doesn’t seem to be enough counter steering to recover from the slide. The original Dirt Tracking doesn’t have this problem this problem. I can’t recommend others purchase this game as it is now.


The cars are way to hard to control I’ve been playing the original game forever and I have tried every different style of controls it offers and changed sensitivity nothing seems to help... becomes super frustrating honestly wish I wouldn’t have bought it!

Terrible handling

I wish I could get my money back. The cars handle terribly and the physics are way off.

Grip and steering

It’s not that hard once you run some practice laps. If you jump in right away in career mode you will probably get smoked like me. I did more donuts trying to make it one lap. I did single race and modified my steering sensitivity, took the AI to 0. Just do lap after lap till you got the hang of sliding around the turns. You will hit walls. You will hit other cars. You will wipe out. It’s a fun game once you learn how to turn. Hope the makers keep adding.

Can’t steer..

I’ve played the original dirt trackin’ game until my thumbs nearly bleed and it is absolutely amazing! This sprint car version does not even come close to the original. Hopefully an update can solve the issue of steering, a major component of a racing game.


It needs more tracks to race on


This is such a waste of money. You can’t steer the cars without hitting the wall and when u get the throttle u don’t even slow down when you leave off. Very upset I even bought this game, def thought it would have been better since I play the other game all the time!!! Please do something about this...

Career is easy

Once you get your handling of the game down it is very easy. I use the steering wheel with the sensitivity set to 2 and it is very easy to control the car. I think they made easy and medium mode very easy. Hard the AI are just dirty and try to spin you out. There really isn’t much to do with the game besides career mode and I wish there was another part of the game available for you to play instead of just career mode and practice mode. The game can get very boring with just those two modes available.

Infuriating, or is it?

I read a lot of reviews about the game and even looked up some gameplay just to be sure before I bought it. I seriously wish I didn’t waste my money on this game, I wish I could ask for a refund. Or better yet the time I spent frustratingly attempting to figure out the controls thinking I just needed to “get good” after about an hour I gave up. It doesn’t matter what difficulty you play on. You will be struggling to even keep it off the walls or keep it from spinning the whole time. Do not buy this game. -EDIT- After reinstalling the game and spending around 30 minutes in hot laps just screwing around and not trying to do well I started to get the hang of it and I must say it is very fun and definitely more intense than expected. However keep in mind this after around 2 and a half hours of pure aggravation. If your patient and love sprint cars buy this game.

My review on the game

As a racing fan I was looking for a good racing game and at first I was hesitate to pay the $4 but I'm glad I did. It may not be the best looking and the CPU isn't the greatest but it's still a really fun game. I wish there was a qualifying so you don't always start last because it's hard to pass the dumb CPU but once you do it's just you and the track. Also it would be cool if you got money from the races and could upgrade your equipment. It would also be cool if you went to a trailer to upgrade your equipment. 10/10

Waste of 4 bucks (for now)

Game has potential. Cars aren’t even drivable. It’s hard to see how this game got released as broken as it is. Hopefully it gets better and more enjoyable.

Really hard to steer

In the old dirt tracking it was easy because you could hold down the arrows but if you the arrows for a second in sprint car then you spin out

Great game but

It would make the game a lot better if there cautions.

Terrible Handling

Terrible handling on every class.

Wish there was a demo

I wish there was a demo, or that I would have read the reviews. After 20 minutes I was unable to make it around the track without spinning out. Tried it because I missed the old dirt track PC games, and ended up very disappointed. Wish I would have tried the late model version instead, because I read about its physics being better

Dirt track on sprint cars

Cars drive like complete junk. No handling at all you go from loose to wrecking thru the wall tight. Can’t even put 1 solid lap together. Waste of 4 bucks. Will stick with original dirt tracking until improvements are made.

It’s alright could be more realistic

There should be flags when there are wrecks it’s a great game just lacks a few important details to be legit.


Please fix the steering!!!!!

Car handling

I guess I should have listened to the reviews. The old Dirt Trackin’ was a great game and the cars handled well. This game just isn’t fun.


Normally I don’t take the time to write reviews. However, this is different. I’ve played the previous game. This however is horrible. Here we lag $3.99 for a game that you can’t even drive around the track?? It’s ridiculous. The physics engine in this game is so poor.


The cars are uncontrollable. It’s not even fun when you wipe out every freggin lap.


Yall really messed this game up was expecting more since the first one was good

God Awful

Can’t set a car to go into the corner. Steering needs to be set up like the original dirt trackin game! Pitiful game play here


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Nearly impossible to play

The steering in this game is nearly impossible to control. I think they owe refunds, the cars are hardly drivable. Love the idea, but don’t like the game.

Great game, could use some work

As an avid World Of Outlaws fan, I was really excited to see this game came out. The graphics are great, but the steering is horrendously tight. I know the real cars are a handful to drive, but this is a little overdone. I would be excited to see the steering similar to the original game, and a few drivers added, such as Donny Schatz, Tony Stewart, and a tribute car for Jason Johnson. Other than a few handling issues, this game is great. I can tell you put a ton of work into this.


Like other reviews, the tilt mode just doesn’t allow me to play the game. Love the original game and it’s controls. Will hope for an update that makes it playable.

Controls are horrible

Compared to the late models these are almost impossible to drive around a track and actually hold a line, terrible

New tracks and drivers

I think you should add Kentucky Lake Speedway in to the game. And as a tribute put Jason Johnson’s sprint car in the game

Great game but...

The game is awesome, don't get me wrong, but it needs work. The "insane" AI can't even start a race without crashing, which needs to be fixed. Also, you should allow us to customize the sprints like you do the late models on the original dirt trackin

Control of car

The game isn’t bad at all, but you can’t comtrol the car at all. I have the other dirt trackin game with the late models but this one is just to hard to control the car. I can’t hardly make 3 laps without spinning ten times. Need to fix that and I’d be happy with it and I’d also like to see us the drivers control the tire pressure and different things.


With the amount of racers in each class I doubt it would be very hard to get their endorsement to be included on the game with many versions of car skins. Also having multiple tracks would be a great thing to have when the design could be made. Great game, only putting a wish list in the review for you.


Cars are to hard to control. But great graphics

Custom cars

So I play both dirt trackin’ game because my family and I drive dirt cars but the point of my review is to ask why this game doesn’t have a car customizer like the original game has one for the late models and I would love it if you could instal an up date for that but that’s about it other than that it’s a great game


Trying to turn any of the cars on this game is nothing like real life. Would like to be able to turn the car without spinning out or smoking the wall every time. Steering could be a lot more like the other dirt trackin game! Please and thank you

Bennett games, you can do better than this!

I don't usually take the time to write reviews, but in this case I'm going to make an exception. As a long time player and avid fan of the original dirt trackin game, seeing an updated, sprint car focused version was an instant purchase for me. Man am I sad to say that I regret it. I don't know if it was a change in game engine, or if the control scheme needs refining but something has happened between the original game and this one that has wrecked the gameplay. The cars have gone from fluid and fun to clunky, unpredictable and nearly undriveable. I can't even comment about the AI because I can barely make laps around the track. I believe a good bit of the problems may lie in how the tilt controls are mapped, because I noticed when using them that the front wheels are barely turning, even when I'm countersteering to full lock, but when I switched to the onscreen wheel the front wheels started steering again. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure 99% of people don't want to drive with anything but tilt controls. The only reason this review isn't one star is because of the quality of game that the original Dirt Trackin was, and because I believe if the developers can right the mess that is the controls/driving this will be a great upgrade. Bennett games, you can do better than this! Set your house in order!

Getting better

I drive a sprint car. Handling is completely unrealistic. Car spins out way to easy. The push button steering is delayed. The car continues to accelerate through the corners when you let off the gas. The graphics are nice. Got me excited when I saw there was an actual sprint car game but I was extemely disappointed. Junk Been playing since the update. It’s better, still not good. Steering just seems so delayed. Copy the late model handling from dirt trackin and it would be better. Ok, you got me. Played the game more. Got used to the handling. It’s pretty good. I completed career mode, now what?

Just Wondering?

When are you guys gonna make a Dirt Track Late Model game?

Why does this game seem to , get worse with every update?

The Game has such, potential. The drivers eye camera is the best way to race. But every time, we get an update, the cars drive worse! Now their nearly uncontrollable. I had the timing down, and the steering figured out...now the new update, has made the cars to easy to spin out! And I love the Dirt Late Model game! 6-13-18 I’m done for now...I deleted the game from iPad Pro... Car control...the backing up of the car, is nearly impossible...once you spin out, you might as well restart the race, since it takes you as many as, two or three laps (from the other cars) to get going again.

It’s not worth purchasing at this time

The game still needs better mechanics. I can’t get the cars to turn at all with out going super slow. And when they do the game pretty much dictates what happens in the turns I would like to have complete control over the car and because it’s that way it makes it not even fun to play with the AI. I’m not bashing just hope it gets better for now I’ll stick to the original DirtTrackin. But graphics are great. Maybe you guys should look in to getting with a company to make a console game I’d be the first to buy it!

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